Reviews for Mary Hubbard, Registered Massage Therapist and Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist in Pickering / Durham Region .  

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Brent Urban

 "As a starting defensive end in the NFL I put my body through a lot physically in the off-season. I use Mary as a big part of my recovery plan. She is able to diagnose specific issues and eliminate them allowing me to perform day in day out.  If you want to get the most out of your training and live in the GTA  you know who to see, she's the best in the business and I trust my recovery with her." 


"I have been seeing Mary for over a year now and she has been a lifesaver.  I had a total thyroidectomy March 2015 and had been dealing with a lot of pain related issues and stress.  I had visited lots of spas and medical clinics however none were willing to completely treat me like a normal client due to the fact that in my questionnaires before treatment I outlined that I had a total thyroidectomy and cancer was found (now cancer free aiming for my 3rd year of being cancer free) they would only give me a relaxing massage or treat me with kid hands.  I saw Mary weekly for three months before I was able to function normally. Now that I have found Mary I would never go see anyone else, she is absolutely amazing therapist and she has become a great additional to my life :) " 

Karim Khalil

"I’ve been a patient of Mary since she first started practicing and I refuse to see anyone else. She’s great at working the problem and working around injuries. What I appreciate most is she uses her full cast of resources around her to ensure I receive the highest level of treatment. She stays current on modern treatment options and since I’ve started being treated using fascial stretching techniques my body has never felt better. She’s honestly great and I highly recommend reaching out for an appointment." 

Jessica Wolfendale

"She takes the very best care of you. Never lets you leave without feeling like a million dollars. Her prices are a steal for the quality of work she provides, her space is perfect and cozy and super clean. Love the work Mary does and I'd recommend her to everyone and anyone."


"Mary worked on me post surgery and theres no-one I would trust more with my body. She's so passionate about what she does and it shows in her knowledge and in her skill. Highly recommend seeing Mary." 

Annie Chanthalangsy

 ​​"Mary is absolutely fantastic!!! Whether its massage therapy or fascial stretching you will definitely be in great hands. Due to my thyroid issues I was always in chronic pain/discomfort and with seeing Mary in just a few sessions I’d felt great. I will always recommend Mary to everyone that I know!!!" 


Lisa Agnew

"Mary's treatments are like a chiro + physio + osteopath all combined.  I used to see chiropractors and physios religiously, now I only use Mary. I'm convinced there is nothing she can't do/fix. Her knowledge in this field is beyond anything I've seen in a therapist. I play tennis competitively and without Mary I wouldn't be able to keep going. She can give me results instantly. She really is the best." 

John Turnbull

"Most knowledgeable therapist I've met!" 

Alex Crose

"Mary is such a cool girl! She is absolutely amazing at what she does. I would 100% recommend her stretch therapy and massage treatment. She also inspired me to follow my passion by becoming a Personal Trainer because she is living her passion and spreading so much positivity. Go see Mary!!!" 

Abira R

"I have extremely tight hips and she has given so much relief. She takes her time with deep fascial stretching and massages. I had lower back, sciatica like pain and a pinching like feeling in my hips. She took her time to assess and educate me on strengthening my muscles. Her stretches are AMAZING. I'm able to get back to the gym and squat deep without any issues. Mary you are amazing at what you do!" 

Kyle Sullivan

​"I've played sports all my life, done CrossFit for 2 -3 years now. I went and visited Mary for massage to help with muscle tightness and what I got is results. She talked to me about fascial stretching, Since I have been playing hockey my entire life my hips were extremely tight and I can honestly say with just one visit they feel like incredible. This is only the start and I am very excited to see what the future brings." 

Bonita Macleod

"Several years ago I incurred a concussion after a significant fall. While I recovered to the point of being functional I continued to battle residual neck, thoracic pain. Over the past two years I have received massage and fascial stretching therapy by Mary. Mary is a gifted RMT! Her treatment has realigned my posture, increased my range of motion, participate in fitness activities. I highly recommend Mary." 


Jeff Fuller

"I highly recommend you add Mary to your list of things to do. If you have not tried stretch therapy (facial release) you must. Book a 90 minute session the combination of stretch and massage is incredibly." 

Christine Kay

"Mary is the absolute best person who has ever worked on my body - whether it was a stretch or a massage therapy. She is totally knowledgeable on the body and for such a tiny girl, wow her strength is amazing. I competed in a bodybuilding show last year and Mary was part of that journey with me with weekly massages/stretches - I don' t think my body would have recuperated as fast without her expertise and amazing hands!! I would totally recommend Mary if you are in need of a massage or stretch - she is the best and is totally flexible with her schedule - first class girl !!" 

Simona Baib

"Mary was wonderful. She helped me with my sciatic pain that developed from work. She managed to treat me to full recovery in just a few treatments. She was very attentive to my pain and listened carefully to my concerns. She is the best RMT I have gone to by far!"

Michelle Ryckman

"Mary was fantastic! I came to her with a tweak in my neck and she quickly found all my tight muscles that were limiting my movement. After the first treatment I noticed a difference and after the second I was like brand new. She listened to what was bothering me and effectively utilized our time to make an immediate difference! Highly recommend her services :)"

Tommy Trivedi

"Very responsive to messages/ appointment requests and questions about my health. If I ever have a question I call her whether its about my diet, exercises or stretches she's my go to health care provider. She's organized and booking appointments is very easy. She always fits me for appointments, even if she's fully booked she will work over time or start early. She makes my body feel like a young lad again."

Don Faraz

  "She’s an amazing FS Therapist and I’d definitely recommend checking her out. She’s one of the best out there!"



"Mary is the best fascial stretch therapist around!" 

Massage Therapist

Registered Massage Therapist in Pickering / Durham Region, ON

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Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist in Pickering / Durham Region, ON